IT professionals who found dating the most difficult,
Decide to become a man to find out the secrets of popular women!

She is an IT professional and journalist struggling to grow her own company that has just begun. The one thing that was most difficult for her, who had a decent appearance, academic background, and career, was to meet a decent man, or at least get married to a flawless man… However, all the men connected by online dating sites that I signed up to meet good men quickly are the worst. Where and how do I meet a good man? Why are men worthy of meeting married men or gay who are not interested in women? No, do decent men exist in the world? One day at a time, did they all disappear into a black hole? One night, while enduring a growing number of wrinkles, she drinks a bottle of wine that she can’t even drink well in anger at young, charming women who first snatched a decent man. And make a wild decision. I want to be a man! Isn’t there a saying that if you know your enemy and you know me, you will win a hundred battles? I have to figure it out myself if no one ever tells me how the hell the damn women who married a nice guy have seduced such men. a quick-witted woman Subscribe to the online dating site under the guise of a man while drunk. It’s not just an ordinary man, it’s a 10-man wannabe who perfectly meets 72 requirements. And go out with girls literally online. Could she find out the secrets of popular women? In conclusion, her story has a happy ending. Currently, he is married to a perfect man, has a daughter, and lives well in a wonderful house. The crazy strategy was a great success! After the hard times, she became enlightened after dating 96 attractive women online. That the characteristics of popular women – young and idiotic – that we were vaguely guessing was such a naive and complacent idea. Popular women were so easy and attractive that even women wanted to be friends, and they seemed to bring a happy future when they got married. Maybe they are very smart and foxes who know what really matters in life. So how should we apply the secrets of the women in practice? <Data, a love story> is a book about the most important thing you need to know to succeed in marriage – everything about popular women who have to compete with you for attractive men – that the author has been reborn as a master of romance. How should I approach a man in the first? How long should I wait after the blind date to contact you? What style of clothes do men like? When should I reveal my work and family history? And so on. After reading this book, we’ll realize that all the trivial things that we’ve ignored in relationships so far are actually all about relationships. And I’ll say. I was the only one who didn’t know that I had to learn how to date!

On earth,
The man I’m going to marry is
How do we meet? 

A book that received the attention of major British and American media upon its publication and reversed our common sense of marriage! 
You have no reason to meet anyone now.

1. I wanted to meet a man I’ll be with forever.

After failing to get a good grade on the law school entrance exam, I gave up going to school and left for Japan. During his two-year stay in Japan, he became a freelance journalist and earned a master’s degree in journalism. While working as a full-time journalist, I traveled around the world to cover Asian culture and IT trends and met an interesting person. But one problem for me, who was living such a wonderful life… It was that I still hadn’t met a man to marry. I wanted to meet and marry a good and sincere man who fits me well, and I didn’t want to meet any men who didn’ I decided to go back to Chicago where my parents were. And I happened to meet Japanese-American Henry at the airport and fell in love like fate. We hit it off wonderfully and I nestled in Philadelphia where he was instead of Chicago. However, Henry’s one-and-a-half-year cohabitation ended with only pain when he had another woman, and to make matters worse, he was fired from his job. In addition, my mother had cancer and I started airport disturbance. Now I was 30 years old, no longer young.

2. This damn date!

Why don’t married couples leave me alone? My family, relatives, and friends are all impatient to introduce me to a man. That’s good enough. Thank you anyway. But where and how did they find such strange men? A pervert who asks if I can sleep with him the first day we meet, a divorced man with two children, a man who lives without a cell phone, etc. Are they the guys who were introduced to me by the people who are proud to know me the best?Even my mom and younger brother told me to join online dating instead of leaving me alone. Good! Come to think of it, online dating can be more reasonable than blind dating. The sites will analyze and connect me and the other person’s objective dates, so if you meet a lot, you will be more likely to find a man who fits you statistically. Hahaha! I immediately signed up for three online dating sites and I was busy with my business just starting, but I took the time to write a profile and cover letter. (Of course, I put a career introduction on my resume, but I did my best.That’s how the first date started! It’s ruined! He was a college dropout 15 centimeters shorter than his profile. Second date! Screwed again! This time he was a fat cannabis smoker who didn’t even pay for his meal. Third date! Terrible. He was a mean man who lied about being married. I made up my mind! I will never be fooled by online dating sites again!!   

3. What do we really want?
Just in time for a terrible date, I emptied out a bottle of wine and a pack of cigarettes and counted the nights out and filled out the 72 conditions I wanted from my man quite frankly. The reason I took the shame to write 72 requirements was to stop a hopeless relationship with a man who didn’t fit me anymore. I didn’t know what the man I wanted looked like, and I never even thought about it, so of course I couldn’t find such a man. Stupid I now realise this simple fact. But will a perfect man with those requirements ever like me? I’m tall and I’m not small, but I have curly hair. Being curious, I logged in to the dating site pretending to be a perfect man. Damn it! There were a lot of popular girls who were pretty, young, and wrote their profiles brightly. Mine was awful compared to the profile they wrote and the pictures they posted. Now it’s clear what I need to do. To make a perfect man mine, I had to analyze my competitors first. I made 10 popular guy IDs, created a virtual profile, and joined the dating site as a man. And while dating with them, they analyzed and imitated the popular girls’ dating methods. In the end, the secret of popular girls I learned from them was normal, but it completely changed me. Now I’ve learned how to express my many strengths naturally. And finally I found Brian, the perfect man I dreamed of!