Why do we have to pick a good team leader?
Why should I be a good team leader?
Why make a good team?

In response, Bill Gates said:
“In the end, a corporate fight is a ‘people’ fight. How people operate is the most important key.”

This is an era when you can achieve enough results even if you work alone. It has become easier to make money by using various SNS or platforms at home. In a way, it may be easier and more efficient to work alone in this era. If you work alone, you can monopolize the profits. And yet, why do they have to work together? This is because if several people work together, they can achieve results that they will never achieve alone. One is only one, but one plus one can turn into something 3, 4, or bigger than two. And only those who believe that they can create something bigger when they are together can become a team leader who leads an excellent team.

“I became a team leader. What should I do first?”
To all the team leaders who think about you,
We’ve never learned to be a good team leader. This is because they have become accustomed to top-down clothes and have not grown up in a culture that communicates properly, is properly recognized, and grows together. However, if he became a team leader in this era when Generation Z enters and the way he works changes, he must change now. “The Making of a Manager,” written by Julie Jooh, who started as an intern and became a team leader in three years, and is now a vice president of Facebook’s design division, is a guide for a novice team leader who honestly and clearly wrote how to become a good team leader in this era. From tips that can be applied immediately by those who have just become team leaders to becoming top managers in charge of several teams from those in charge of one or two team members, the things to be seriously considered as leaders are reflected in the author’s actual success, failure experience and realization.

Best Silicon Valley Team Leader Class
More than a decade ago, Facebook was a huge growth startup. The author, who became a team leader at a young age in a fast-expanding company, was anxious and nervous about his first managerial job. And facing the work of a manager who he thought vaguely, he asked several senior team leaders what an excellent team leader was like and what they should do to make the team excellent, and started reading books and actually experiencing them. And I organized the contents in this book for the junior team leader who will have the same worries as me.
The book consists of a total of 10 chapters, organized in chronological order from a novice team leader to a veteran.

1. What is management – a manager is not just a person who makes decisions, but a team that sets goals, collaborates, and creates a ‘process’ that facilitates them.
2. The first three months after the team leader’s promotion – the team leader’s first life depends on whether he is an internal promotion or an external recruit. You have to prepare to blend into the team according to your situation.
3. How do you lead a small team? – All team leaders are initially responsible for a team with one or two team members. If the size of the team is small, it is necessary to create an environment where healthy trust relationships can be built and cooperated.
4. Good feedback skills – The most difficult thing for a new team leader is to deliver good feedback. We present the art of feedback and the art of wise criticism to avoid receiving strange results.
5. Self-care for team leaders – Team leaders are not gods. Recognize your shortcomings and find out how to flexibly cope with someone’s criticism.
6. What is a good meeting? – Many people devote much of their working hours to meetings. It presents a meeting method to avoid wasting everyone’s time.
7. Who should I pick? – You can make a team that works well only when you hire someone who works well. Crazy is the biggest harm to the team.
8. What makes a team that produces results – the team leader must set clear goals and clearly set the person in charge according to the priorities of the task so that the ship does not go astray.
9. How to lead a growing team – If the number of team members is growing rapidly and the size of the team is growing, it is time to select subordinate managers and transfer authority and responsibility appropriately. Now is the time for a new team leader to grow.
10. Creating a good organizational culture – Culture changes a person’s behavior, and the behaviors gather to change the outcome. How far the team goes depends on countless micro-actions that team members do every minute of the day.

In an age where the way you work is changing,
How to communicate, respect, and grow together
“The Making of a Manager” is not the kind of book that you read once and put right on the shelf. This book is recommended to be read in at least three ways. First, I read it right from start to finish. If you become a team leader, you will be able to gauge what you will be thinking about in the future. Second, when something happens in the team, I read excerpts to find a solution. You can get specific tips such as how to inform team members of bad news, how to properly give work feedback, questions to career interviewers, and how to effectively lead brainstorming meetings. Third, read with people in similar positions. Even the same team leader feels differently depending on what kind of person the team member is and what kind of work situation he or she is in. If you share your situation and other people’s situations through discussions and think about how to apply the book’s contents to each other, you will really be a ‘excellent team leader’!
For those who are born in the 90s, whose keywords are individualism and fairness, who want to create a team that respects each other differently from their senior generation in the 60s and 70s, and who have never experienced a good role model, the book will definitely show an ideal team leader.