It all began when Dave Evans offered Bill Burnett lunch. While teaching professional lectures at Stanford and Berkeley, Dave gave Bill an idea of what kind of lectures to teach, seeing even the most prestigious university students wondering what to do with their careers.

“Let’s make a class so that students can establish their own ‘philosophy of work’ before graduation. You should give smart children a chance to think about what they are going to work for and what they are going to do so that they don’t go out into society and make silly choices. That’s how you can live a meaningful life.”

This is the moment when “Design Your Life” was born, the birthplace of Silicon Valley talent, the best lecture at Stanford Disc. Is it surprising that the school that produces talented people enthusiastically by the best innovative companies is a design school, not a world-class engineering college? Obviously, Stanford University’s “D” means design, but design schools teach how to “design ideas” rather than visible designs such as clothes, furniture, and buildings. Bill and Dave went on to teach them how to take the initiative in planning and embodying their lives. Their lectures, which started with just six students, are now Stanford’s best lectures, and, as Forbes says, have become a bible of working people around the world, helping each person lead their lives in the direction they want.

“We need to be in charge of the ‘last process’ of Stanford’s future designers,” the book tells Stanford’s last lesson in wishing happiness for students who go out to society so that dreamful, idea-filled and passionate students do not become unhappy office workers after graduation.

“If you’re not happy for 80,000 hours of work, your life will never be happy.”
Build your own philosophy that runs through work and life!

Anna thinks she can never be happy at her job now. She didn’t have such a heart from the beginning. However, as unnecessary emotional consumption increased while working, and as they were busy cutting out meaningless repetitive tasks rather than taking the initiative, it became difficult to find the meaning of work, let alone growth. Anna started putting the meaning of work on salary, not value, because she was doing something that would not be strange to quit anytime. The reason for her current work has become only money-making, and now she can endure all kinds of misfortunes and endure them day by day by day. Anna lost her work’s happiness and meaning because she failed to establish her work philosophy correctly. Many people will sympathize with her story. The passion and joy of working for the first time are gone, and they live with their work, which at some point has become a boring breadwinner.

However, people with clear work philosophy can distinguish between what is important and what is unnecessary while working, making it easier to separate happiness and unhappiness in their work lives. For example, a person who puts the meaning of work in his or her own growth works according to thoughts and logic rather than emotions. In addition, rather than weighing the immediate benefits through work, the desired future value is projected into life, focusing on work for experience, and making it an opportunity to improve skills even if you don’t want to do something. If you decide what you want to do according to your purpose of life and strive for it, that effort will eventually grow you. At this time, we must continue to ask ourselves questions. One answer that penetrates the three questions, ‘Why am I doing this?’ ‘What will I work for?’ and ‘What kind of life will I live?’ is the philosophy of your work.

Not only the MZ generation wandering about in short supply, but also office workers in their 5th to 6th years who have fallen into mannerism,
Even the leaders of the New Normal Era, who have to communicate with employees who work only in their rooms!
The birth of the bible for “working life” and “meaningful life.”

Designing your new work life is a book that teaches you how to balance money, meaning, and self-realization so that you don’t get tired by simply chasing money, and helps you establish a clear view of work and life for yourself. There are various concerns about work life, from employment, turnover, and resignation concerns to efficient work processing and communication methods. The authors provide a variety of solutions to various difficulties encountered in work life by abundantly solving cases of working people in various occupational groups, including their own experiences, but do not forget warm advice for struggling office workers.

The book, rated as a comprehensive bible of working life, gives MZ generation a good shot at growing little by little every day as the biggest driver of their work life, encourages workers to pursue their dreams before it’s too late. It doesn’t matter what position you are in. The book contains a number of great tools to find a good job, learn, contribute, and grow into what you want.

As I spent more unnecessary emotional consumption while working, and I was busy cutting out meaningless repetitive tasks rather than taking the lead in my work, it became difficult to find the meaning of work, let alone growth. I’m doing a job that’s not strange to quit anytime, so I started putting the meaning of work on salary, not value. The reason for her current work has become only money-making, and now she can endure all kinds of misfortunes and endure them day by day by day. (…) If you decide what you want to do according to your purpose of life and strive for it, that effort will eventually grow you. At this time, we must continue to ask ourselves questions. The answer that penetrates these three questions is the philosophy of your job philosophy.

Everyone can use design thinking to lead their lives in a better direction. That’s our philosophy. The same goes for business. This book contains ways to change the attitude of dissatisfied bosses or colleagues, take the initiative, come up with new ideas that break conventional wisdom, and create opportunities for self-growth. To tell you the good news, all of this is possible without having to quit your current job.

It’s hard to change behavior. People try too hard, and almost every moment they try too much and fail. However, there is another reason why many people cannot get out of unfortunate events and situations. This is because I think we should aim for a big change. Now is the time to apply other methods. The key to success is to set so-called “low standards.” Start small, set a low standard, and try something.

Numerous people worry about “chasing money or doing meaningful things.” Which side are you on? Money or meaning? There is no right answer. This is because the question is wrong. (…) There is no right answer or wrong answer to money and meaning. It is only important to live a consistent life that meets your values. Are you going in the right direction now? Check the direction and make your own compass.

Dave started working at a high-tech industrial complex in Silicon Valley. He worked hard 50-70 hours a week. I had a wife and family, but I often went on business trips because of work, and it was common to skip dinner. He always said he wished he had more time to spend with his family at home, but his actions did not match his words. Dave was very upset when his colleagues described him as a workaholic. He thought he was not a ‘real’ workaholic. This is because I thought that the kind of person who was only interested in work and money was a workaholic. But his life was like a workaholic. There was no consistency in his life.

Everyone wants to entrust meaningful tasks and important tasks. Be curious and create prototypes that can do your job better. Turn skepticism into a positive story and tell the story. By developing yourself using intrinsic motivational factors appropriately, become an autonomous and creative employee and cooperate with others. Keep trying to reach a price point in your field and focus on giving meaning to your job.

Most people think of quitting as a negative thing, but we think that quitting is an opportunity. Quitting a job is a turning point to finish what you have done well so far and start anew. Reorganize your resignation as an opportunity to beautifully wrap up the chapter for your old job and decorate the first chapter for your next job. In other words, prepare for a more “generative” resignation. From now on, let’s look at how powerful generative resignation is. Use creative resignation as an opportunity to paint your future working life. Then I can understand more accurately what kind of person I am and what motivates me.

Everyone goes through a transition period in which the old one disappears and the new one does not work perfectly. At this time, significant psychological reorganization and reconstruction take place. This is the core of the conversion process. It is a time to send old reality and identity and wait for new reality and identity. We create new processes and learn new roles. You can feel confusion and pain because you are in a fluid state. But remember that the Neutral Zone is a hotbed for a new beginning.

What’s the situation like now? She doesn’t want to return to such a dangerous situation even if the hotel resumes operations. Competition will be very fierce for the few jobs that have been created again. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to work in that kind of job again. Anna faced the moment of reinventing herself. Over the years, I have identified the essential work processes, tools, and capabilities that I have developed and found an explanation method that anyone can understand without defining myself as a hotel industry worker. Then he went out to find someone to listen to his newly improved story.

This is the time for new leadership. The same applies to organizations that will be converted to hybrid employee models or organizations that have already been converted. How can we create a “positive corporate culture” in which employees enjoy working together in project teams and immerse themselves in this time of week or a few days a month?