Concrete suggestions for the future we dream of
Furthermore, this book presents the most advanced future of AI and mankind. It explains how to manage the direction of AI and promote international cooperation to set standards for the AI era, and specifically what changes the U.S. and Chinese governments should be made. It also explains what reforms Big Nine should implement in the future, and talks about what changes AI development groups and universities should prepare for. It also explains in detail what each of us can practice for the desirable future of AI.
The author emphasizes, “The ideal future we dream of is not just created,” and urges us to have courage and share all responsibilities and obligations. It presents 15 principles for AI development and personal information management, and provides in-depth insights on the direction of pipeline transformation in the government, Big Nine, and related academia.

composition of this book
This book consists of three parts. Part 1 details what AI is and how Big Nine played a role in the development and development of AI. It also deals in-depth with the current situation faced by Big Nine companies in the United States and Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent in China.
Part 2 talks about the future in 50 years, which is built as AI develops. Here, three scenarios are presented: an optimistic scenario, a practical scenario, and a catastrophic scenario. These three scenarios have a very wide spectrum. From weak artificial intelligence to strong artificial intelligence and even super artificial intelligence, AI’s benefits and losses are explored in detail. All three scenarios are data-based modeling results that allow us to experience firsthand how AI develops and changes our lives.
Part 3 proposes a tactical and strategic solution for all the problems identified in the scenario and presents a plan to reboot at this point. Part III contains specific recommendations that we all should practice and act on. This is for government leaders, future-conscious managers, and all of us.

The AlphaGo Zero system behaves in unpredictable ways and makes decisions that even its creators cannot understand at all. Press human (go) players in ways that cannot be duplicated or fully understood. This is a sign of the future in which AI creates its own way and acquires knowledge in ways that we do not understand.

Even if AI technology is developed and abused, there will be few problems that individuals will face. With this technology, mankind will not experience something overnight, but rather experience a gradual accumulation of minor damage, such as a finger cut on paper. If you get a slight cut on your finger, it’s simply annoying, and it’s not too much for your daily life. However, if the whole body is cut on paper and thousands of wounds are made, life will be painful, even if it does not harm life.

Nutsing (which Big Nine does on a large scale for optimization) is widely used in all our digital experiences, from automatic entry of search terms to menu screens presented when searching for local restaurants in Yelp. The goal is to help users feel that they have made the right choice no matter what they choose, but as a result, people are learning to live with far fewer choices than exist in the real world.

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